Drone Wedding Photography

On the most romantic of days for you and your partner, you deserve to have the memories of your wedding day documented for posterity with the aid of stunning wedding photography − photography that truly captures the love and joy that only a wedding ceremony can bring. We’ve all seen just what a high-quality set of wedding photos can achieve in preserving these special memories, and now you can take them to new heights with drone wedding photography that encapsulates the splendour and romance of such a special occasion. To hire a drone for quality aerial wedding photography that will surely create lasting memories, contact the specialists at Rising High Drone Services today.

The Benefits of Aerial Wedding Photography

While the most romantic shots from a wedding day typically feature the newlyweds in candid close-up or in a posed position in a picturesque location, drone wedding photography is useful for capturing full group shots of the guests or simply for showing the size and scope of the event. There are numerous other benefits to be gained from using aerial wedding photography, including:

The Ability to Capture and Remember Every Single Detail

A traditional wedding photographer will always do their best to capture the most important parts of the wedding and reception. However, unless they have a second shooter with them or they’re especially observant, they may miss out on lots of small moments and important details. Drone wedding photography has a better opportunity of capturing those moments.

Greater Mobility

Higher quality cameras used in wedding shoots are often too cumbersome to move about freely, so the photographer will usually find the best position with the most vantage points and shoot from there. Cameras used in aerial wedding photography have greater mobility and can shoot from more angles for a more dynamic feel.

Enhances the Spectacle of the Day

Wedding ceremonies these days are just as much about spectacle as they are about a couple making a commitment to one another. Drone wedding photography is a highly effective way of capturing the spectacle from beginning to end and from almost any possible angle.

Why Choose Us for Your Drone Wedding Photography Needs?

When it comes to the supply of high-tech drone technology for aerial wedding photography on your special day, you can trust Rising High Drone Services to provide quality equipment at competitive prices for weddings and receptions across Melbourne.

We offer our services in Frankston, Red Hill, Portsea and across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. To discuss how we can help you with drone wedding photography, contact us today.