Sports Aerial Photography

If they don’t come from the depths of nature, some of the most impressive action photos in history have come from the heights of sporting prowess. Whether it’s a breathtaking shot of an aerial skier attempting multiple flips and twists after coming off the jump, or a match winning hit for six during a cricket match where the footage truly captures the excitement and tension of the game, the perfect photo can tell you an entire story. A picture can say 1000 words, and with sports aerial photography, each of those 1000 words is said in the best possible way. If you’re looking for the best drone for filming sports in Melbourne, you can’t reach any higher than the team at Rising High Drone Services.

The Benefits of Drone Sports Photography

Using drone technology to record sporting events offers these valuable advantages:

  • Versatility – Drones can reach angles and positions that static cameras and camera operators cannot
  • Time – Setting up and landing drones is highly time convenient, meaning only one drone pilot and camera operator is needed on location
  • Full HD quality – The best drones for shooting sports are capable of filming in 4K full high definition without losing any image quality, even when shooting mid-air
  • Applications – Drones can be used not only for broadcasting or film production; they can also be used to record and evaluate athletic performance and technique
  • Minimal interference – The best drones for shooting sports generate minimal noise, enabling them to be used near animals and on sites

The use of drone technology in sports aerial photography has changed the game in many ways. For sports where athletes find themselves mid-air, or a footballer kicks wide to a teammate, drone sports photography enables you to follow the action much easier than with a static camera from the ground.

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