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Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Services

The present-day idea of the drone is one of the key technologies to define the 21st Century, although they’ve been around in some form since the 1800s. You’ve likely heard about drones before, but maybe you haven’t yet discovered their capabilities for aerial photography in Melbourne. At Rising High Drone Services, we specialise in the supply of drone technology for aerial drone photography and videography services.

Drone Technology for Amazing Aerial Shots

Where 10 years ago a helicopter was required for the perfect aerial shot, drone technology has enabled the same quality results to be achieved by something that fits within a shoebox. As a result, drone technology makes aerial photography and videography in Melbourne much more affordable.

Rising High Drone Services offers drone photography and videography for a diverse range of events and applications; everything from real estate advertising and sports events (including soccer and football) though to weddings and much more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Drone Technology for Aerial Photography in Melbourne?

The benefits of drone photography are numerous, especially when used right and used well. The technology can allow drones to reach angles that a human camera operator carrying around a heavy camera might not be able to achieve; not just the high aerial shots, but even those that may require irregular positioning in order to achieve a unique perspective or point of view.

Drone photography is also great for showing the full scope of a particular block of land or specific game play from above rather than observing from the sidelines. This gives potential buyers an idea of your land from a unique perspective, or in the event of a sports match, the ability to review a play with the ability to see it all from above.

Why Choose Us for Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Services?

At Rising High Drone Services, we’re proud to be the go-to team for aerial drone photography and videography services from Portsea, to Melbourne including Portsea, Sorrento, Frankston, Red Hill the Mornington Peninsula including all surrounding areas. Our combination of experience and constantly updated knowledge has positioned us as a leader in drone photography in Melbourne, and we aim to maintain that position for years to come.

If you’d like any further information on aerial photography in Melbourne, there’s no better time than now to get in touch with Rising High Drone Services. Contact us today.

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